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Grading & Basework

Diagram cross section showing how asphalt is laid on a compacted aggregate base, concrete and old asphalt surfaces.

Home owners and business owners may not know that cracking in their asphalt driveways and parking lots can allow water to permeate the asphalt. This breaks down the surface and erodes the asphalt over time. Pools of water that do not properly drain can ruin your asphalt! People need an asphalt company that has the knowledge and ability to prepare the base properly. A quality company will level the surface correctly, and make sure the surface has adequate drainage that will help ensure that the asphalt is long-lasting.

JPS Asphalt Construction has been providing Kansas City with this crucial step since 1995. We have a professional, experienced crew of specialists that offer superior work from the foundation to the top seal. We know how to grade and prepare your site to ensure that when your asphalt is installed it will allow proper drainage and increase the life of the surface. In addition to proper basework and grading of new asphalt projects, JPS can also correct current asphalt areas that have drainage problems or have fallen into disrepair. We will inspect your existing surface and create plan improve the condition of your asphalt.

JPS Asphalt Construction finishes a new driveway for a local homeowner.
JPS Asphalt Construction does driveways, parking lots, grading, overlays, sealcoating and more.

If you are looking for a company that can provide the best asphalt construction or maintenance, streets, private driveways and commercial parking lots, contact JPS today!


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